Episode 1-BETTY: Girlband, The Podcast

The beginning. The truth about how Amy, Alyson and Elizabeth first got together in the basement of their parents house in 1980. Their first band, Quiver was formed and they moved into Southeast DC and the craziness began.


The girl band BETTY has been together through thick and thin for over thirty years. They are 2 sisters Amy and Elizabeth Ziff and their best friend Alyson Palmer. A coming of age story of 3 girls who are brought together to play music and find a lifelong endeavor of politics, humor, and all the trappings of rock and roll along the way. Except of course, fame. Why have they been together this long? What makes them stay together. Listen and follow their unexpected, fun, crazy, intense journey. Fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy musical ride.

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